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Go on a safari at Ree Park

In Djurslands big safari park you can experience a world full of fascinating animals, with lots of fun activities for you and your family every day. The animals at Ree Park have lots of space for activity and can follow their natural instincts – they have a good life.

Visit the monkeys and meet the curious lemurs, the cheeky squirrel monkeys and many other species of monkey, which are moving around freely.

Experience the rare and incredibly beautiful bongo antelopes, the only black rhino in Scandinavia and animals you can pet, like the cute minipigs and the funny Anglo Nubian goats. The park also offers lots of playgrounds for small and older children.

Go on a Land Rover Safari

Go on a fascinating Land Rover safari on the big savannah and see giraffes, rhinos, ostriches and many other wild animals at close range. You can also observe the black rhino, which is living on the savannah together with the other animals. On the way our guide will tell you more about the wild animals and how Ree Park is working with nature protection in the park and in Kenya.


The America Express

Take a fantastic railway trip over the North American prairie with The America Express. The steam train Black Beauty or the diesel locomotive Armstrong are taking you back in time, while you can observe buffalos, elks, black bears and arctic wolves at close range.


Wild animal activities

Do not miss all the fantastic activities with the animals. The only cheetahs in Denmark are chasing their food with 70 km/h, the cute otters are gathering around their food, and you come close to giraffes and red panda bears. During the feedings a guide is telling both facts and funny stories about the animals in the park, and visitors are welcome to ask questions. At some of the feedings also a zookeeper is present, telling people about the daily work and funny experiences with some the animals.


Join our dedicated guides on a walking safari, a guided tour around the park, where you can decide which animals you want to see and learn more about. On the way the guide will tell you more about the animals and Ree Parks work for critically endangered species.



When you stay overnight at Dalgård Caamping, 
you can be given a code that gives a 20% discount when buying tickets at ReePark.