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Djurs Sommerland

Welcome to Scandinavia’s biggest summerland

Djurs Sommerland is simply more fun for all. Experience 9 fantastic, themed areas, Denmark’s biggest roller coasters, the giant Aqua Park and more than 60 rides for kids of all ages. Come see why Djurs Sommerland was named “Best Family Park in Europe 2019” and “Danish Theme Park of the Year 2020”.

Bondegårdsland – for children and playful parents
There is speed and fun for the entire family in Bondegårdsland – a wonderful farmer’s universe with 11 rides. Why not try a free-fall from the water towers, or fly along the roller coaster in a flurry of chicken feathers? How about a spin in the rotating cowshed? Or perhaps a jump-around on the crazy frogs? Bondegårdsland is filled with fun for everyone.

Tigeren – Denmark’s biggest Gyro swing
Ready for an experience that will stay with you forever? Tigeren in Wild Asia is Denmark’s biggest Gyro Swing. With a top speed of 100 km/h, a swing height of 45 metres Tigeren takes you on an amazing flight that you will never forget. In Wild Asia, young thrill-seekers are also guaranteed lots of fun experiences when the accelerator is pushed to the bottom in Jungle Rally and Safaribussen.

Enjoy the rush on Denmark’s biggest roller coasters
Looking for speed and exhilaration? Djurs Sommerland offers world-class adrenaline rush experiences. DrageKongen – Europe’s fastest and longest Family Suspended Coaster – is guaranteed to take your breath away as you dive down from a height of 30 metres at a hair-raising speed of 85 km/h with your legs dangling freely in the air. Or feel the rush in Juvelen, as you experience being launched twice at up to 85 km/h in Denmark’s longest roller coaster. Thrill-seekers mustn’t miss out on Piraten either. With a height of 32 metres and a top speed of 90 km/h, it has been named one of the best roller coasters in the world.

Giant Aqua Park and more than 60 rides in Scandinavia’s biggest summerland
After exploring the nine exciting, themed areas with all the rides, take a relaxing break in one of the park’s many green oases. You can also satisfy your hunger at the saloon in the Wild West or in the pirates’ secret pantry. And don’t forget to visit the huge Aqua Park, where the sunshine can be enjoyed by the water’s edge or at full speed on one of the many water slides.

Magical Halloween from 16 – 24 October
When the days become darker, it’s time for scares and fun for all the family. Come to Magical Halloween in Djurs Sommerland, where you will find 30,000 pumpkins, rattling skeletons, and real witches. You can also look forward to two Halloween Haunted Houses: HekseSkolen, an enchanting experience for all the family, and GræskarFabrikken, where scares lurk round every corner.

Remember, all the rides are free once you have paid your admission.

2021 season: 30 April – 24 October
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Other attractions

Skandinavisk Dyrepark

On 450,000 square meters real djurslandsk nature, gives you a great animal experience, when you see our many Nordic species romp in large parks and reserves.

Randers Regnskov

Randers Regnskov is a tropical zoo. As a guest you go about in the same warm and humid climate as the animals.


Look the sharks in the eyes in KattegatCentret in Grenå. Lots of worth-while experiences through the whole season.

Ree Park

In Djursland’s large safari park you get lots of wild impressions. On your journey through the four continents of the park, you will experience a world full of fascinating animals such as cheetahs, lions, monkeys and many other animals. In the scenic setting, the animals have plenty of room for movement and natural behavior. Every day offers lots of fun and exciting activities for you and your family.

Take a terrific safari on the great savannah and get up close and personal with giraffes, rhinos, ostriches and many other animals.
Or join a fascinating train ride beyond the North American prairie, where you get up close and personal with bison, moose, black bears and arctic wolves.

Gl. Estrup Herregård

One of the best-preserved Renaissance manors in Denmark.
The manor was in the same family for 600 years and was passed down from father to son or daughter. Today Gammel Estrup houses a manor museum which offers activities and exhibitions throughout the year about life at Danish manors. Moving from the elegant halls to the big kitchen – from the sphere of the lords of the manor to that of their servants – visitors can gain an insight into life at manors through the ages.

Norddjurslands Golfklub

Norddjurs Golfklub welcomes all green fee guests. To play here it is required that you hold an active membership to a golf club under Dansk Golf Union – DGU. Max. handicap: 54.

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